Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)


Spatial Portrait

6.95 Somerton (see Inset Maps 10 and 10a: Somerton Town Centre) is an historic town dating back over a thousand years, located in a rural setting in the north of the District, although Street is only 5 miles to the north in Mendip District. Somerton, alongside nearby Langport / Huish Episcopi, is important in serving the needs of local residents and a wider catchment area in the north of the District. Somerton is one of the larger settlements in the District with a population of around 4,663 people according to ONS Mid Year Estimates (2007) but currently has low self-containment with over 60% of residents travelling to work elsewhere, mainly to locations in Mendip and Yeovil. Some of the key services in Somerton are a supermarket, library, doctor’s surgery, banks, and primary and junior schools. Public transport is relatively good with an hourly bus service to Yeovil, Taunton and Street, and a national cycle route passes through the town. Somerton has a close relationship with Langport / Huish Episcopi, exemplified by many children in Somerton attending the secondary school in Langport / Huish Episcopi.

6.96 The main employment area is the Bancombe Road Trading Estate to the west of the town. In terms of retail, Somerton has a reasonably healthy, well kept and attractive town centre with a range of independent stores, including a small supermarket and specialist food stores. There is a good provision of retail uses and services to meet the day to day needs of local residents.[1]

1. Draft South Somerset Retail Study update, 2010 [back]