Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Milborne Port

7.45 Milborne Port (See Inset Map 9) is a historic settlement located in the south-east of the District near the Dorset border and the edge of the Blackmore Vale. The River Gascoigne flows south through the village, and the A30 runs west to east through the village centre, providing a direct road connection to the larger towns of Sherborne 3 miles away and Yeovil (8 miles), both to the west. There is access to railway stations at Yeovil and Sherborne.

7.46 The village is noted for its ‘New Town’ Conservation Area in the west of the village with a second Conservation Area encompassing the village centre. Much of the countryside surrounding the village is considered to be of high landscape value, including an Historic Garden to the south east. Areas of flood risk run through the centre from the north to the south. The population at 2007 ONS MId Year estimates is 2651.

7.47 Self containment is an issue; there are approximately 1,300 economically active residents in Milborne Port but only 350 jobs, meaning only around a quarter of residents in the village who work are able to access jobs in the village.[1] This suggests that more employment opportunities should be provided in Milborne Port. The village was a thriving glove and leather manufacturing area before the last factory closure in 1970. The lack of jobs in Milborne Port has consequently created high levels (71%) of out commuting, principally to Yeovil, Sherborne, and Wincanton. Providing more employment opportunities in the village could potentially reduce the level of out-commuting.

7.48 As well as recognising the need to create employment opportunities and expressing a desire to see modest housing growth the Town and Parish Council "Cluster workshops" identified the need for increased retail provision in Milborne Port.

7.49 The Milborne Port Community Plan[2] aims to:

  • Support the maintenance and sustainable growth of existing businesses;
  • Encourage the development of sustainable new business ventures and employment opportunities;
  • Ensure a balanced rate of growth for the benefit of all residents whilst maintaining the unique character of Milborne Port;
  • Support the various community groups active in the village;
  • Make it a welcoming village for newcomers;
  • Ensure that it is a safe village in which to live and work; and
  • Encourage the village residents to play their part in creating a more sustainable environment.
1. South Somerset Role and Function Study Final report April 2009 [back]
2. Endorsed by South Somerset District Council, August 2010 [back]