Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Stoke sub Hamdon

7.63 Stoke sub Hamdon (see Inset Map 12) lies to the west of Yeovil and south of the A303 with the steep slopes of Ham Hill forming a significant boundary to the south of the village. The character of the settlement owes much to the older individual buildings and groups of buildings found in the Conservation Area, many of them built in the local hamstone. The historic core of the village is centred on the High Street and is characterised by tight development fronting directly onto the street.

7.64 The village has a good variety of services including primary and secondary schools, doctors, pharmacy, dentist, Post Office and sports facilities, and there are also a number of shops and restaurants. There are about 200 jobs in the village mostly in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trades. However, there is a high level of out commuting and approximately 75% of the working population travel to work outside the ward.

7.65 Consultation for the Village Plan established that Stoke sub Hamdon was seen as a good place to live that could benefit from some improvements. The strong community spirit, comprehensive range of facilities, access to Ham Hill Country Park and Community Newsletter were seen as the most important features of living in Stoke sub Hamdon. Some of the areas of concern reflect national issues such as crime, litter and light pollution but the main concerns specific to Stoke sub Hamdon were the cost of housing, over development and lack of amenities for young people.