Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Strategic Objectives

3.11 A fundamental role of the Core Strategy is to deliver the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) for South Somerset through the implementation of spatial policy where the SCS can be implemented by such means. The current Sustainable Community Strategy for South Somerset 2008-2026 was adopted by the South Somerset Strategic Partnership in September and by the District Council in October 2008. It therefore follows that the goals and targets of the current Sustainable Community Strategy from the starting point of the Core Strategy strategic objectives.

3.12 National planning policy objectives also affect the strategic objectives both directly and indirectly through their consideration and integration in the Sustainable Community Strategy for South Somerset.

3.13 The strategic objectives for the Core Strategy are therefore derived from the local Sustainable Community Strategy and national planning policy and expressed in spatial terms. The generation of alternative options is therefore inappropriate. The Strategy Objectives by which the Vision for South Somerset will be achieved are as follows:-

  1. Safe, resilient, socially just and inclusive and sustainable communities (with a higher proportion of jobs locally available) with strong networks and confident people sharing respect for each other.
  2. A health enhancing environment developed by promoting walking and cycling and non car based transport.
  3. Low Carbon quality services and facilities focused on Yeovil, Market Towns and Rural Centres (and in particular their centres) are designed around the needs of the Community, enabling everyone to have fair and equitable access.
  4. An integrated sustainable transport system developed both within and between towns and especially to and from Yeovil whilst promoting enhanced delivery of services direct to rural areas through Information and Computer Technologies.
  5. A comprehensive, high performing economy that is diverse, adaptable and provides the required jobs growth and upward wage levels through a thriving Yeovil, regenerated Chard and market towns and a diversified rural economic environment able to attract and retain visitors (through a vibrant tourism industry), consumers and high quality sustainable businesses.
  6. A balanced housing market with a range of general housing and affordable housing to meet the required numbers and sited and built to support sustainable lifestyles with low carbon emissions, delivered through a sustainable District settlement strategy and hierarchy.
  7. An Eco Town for Yeovil to deliver on the balanced housing market objective, provide an exemplar to move towards more sustainable, lower carbon consumption living and provide a boost to new low carbon technologies and industries.
  8. Movement toward a Carbon Neutral economy by 2030 (for new and existing buildings).
  9. Protection and enhancement of our natural environment and biodiversity, retaining the distinctiveness of settlements and reflecting known environmental constraints, including flood risks, in locating development.

3.14 The next section sets out the Settlement Strategy and the settlement hierarchy through which the strategic vision is to be implemented. The settlement strategy and hierarchy are fundamental in the delivery of the Vision and objectives and in particular objectives 5 and 6 which are the drivers for growth and development in the District.