Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)


4.78 The viability of a proposed development will also be taken into account. In the case of an enabling development, or where the development is unable to deliver all the policy requirements for reasons of viability, an open book approach to viability will be required to accompany any planning application and planning obligations will be reviewed in the context of such a study and in line with the adopted Planning Obligations Protocol June 2006. Where a site forms part of a wider site on which planning obligations will be sought, the Council will seek to apportion the necessary planning obligations to ensure that the cumulative impact of such proposals are properly mitigated and to avoid piecemeal development.

Policy SS8 Viability
In determining planning applications, the Council will take into consideration the nature, scale and location of the proposed development, and where the need arises for physical and/or community infrastructure from the development either because of its individual or cumulative impact, will use planning obligations to seek prescriptive, compensatory or mitigation measures to secure the necessary social, physical, green or environmental infrastructure to enable the development to proceed. Proposals that form part of potentially wider sites will be assessed in terms of the capacity of the site as a whole and contributions sought on a pro rata basis.
The level of developer contribution will be proportionate to the nature, scale and viability of the proposal having regard to the:
  1. scale and form of development;
  2. capacity of existing infrastructure provision;
  3. potential impact of the development upon the surrounding area and its facilities.
The appropriate range and level of contributions will be assessed in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the above criteria and, where appropriate, the Council will make use of standard charges and formula.
Where viability of a scheme is marginal the Council will adopt open book negotiations in line with the Planning Obligations Protocol 2006.