Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Major New Tourist Facilities

9.62 Major new tourism proposals will be permitted in or near to Yeovil and the District’s Market Towns subject to a number of criteria. Applications will be expected to provide evidence that the proposal will enhance and develop the tourism opportunities within the District, significantly contribute to the economy and that it does not displace visitors from existing attractions. Proposals must also be well related to the national road route network and be accessible by public transport, where practically achievable, or suitable alternative public transport arrangements can be made.

Policy EP8 Major New Tourist Facilities

Major new tourism facilities should be assessed in terms of overall sustainable development objectives. These objectives include:

  • enhancing the overall quality of the tourism offer in the District;
  • developing new tourism markets;
  • being readily accessible by non car means;
  • helping to extend the tourism season;
  • contributing significantly to the District’s economy;
  • increasing rather than just displacing visitors from other areas and attractions;
  • being located within or near Yeovil or the District’s Market Towns to ensure a local workforce that can access the attraction effectively and sustainably; and
  • being well located to the national road route network.