Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Local Issues

  • National and regional population projections indicate significant new demand for housing over the Plan period through natural growth and internal migration;[1]
  • The high cost of housing is pricing a growing section of society out of the housing market, stressing the need for more affordable housing;[2]
  • The edge of Yeovil is rich in flora and fauna with several European protected species of bats being found in the town’s periphery;[3]
  • Yeovil is located within a highly sensitive landscape with the town’s growth now nearing its natural limits within the containment of the river valley to the South and East, escarpment ridge to the north and historic landscapes to the west and south;[4]
  • The town’s retail sector is struggling with the impact of the recession characterised by empty shops in the town centre;[5]
  • Yeovil’s economic base is dependent on a few large employers and must diversify into new markets to retain its employment role and function;[6]
  • Yeovil’s transport infrastructure is reaching its natural capacity (both key routes and junctions around the town) reducing the efficiency of movement around the town;[7]
  • The town’s mainline station at Yeovil Junction is located outside of the town and Pen Mill Station is on the edge not providing an accessible rail access;
  • Opportunities for cycling within the town are restricted by the lack of dedicated routes;[8]
  • There is an undersupply of quality sports provision including swimming pool, Synthetic Turf Pitches and indoor facilities;[9]
  • The town centre is not currently meeting its considerable potential as an attractive location for living and for expansion of the town centre. [10]
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