Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Yeovil Retail Capacity

5.57 The retail capacity study update (2010) presents information about the retail provision and prospects for Yeovil. A strategy emerging from this study and taking funding into account is set out below.

5.58 Attempts to plan for a further increase in Yeovil’s market share for convenience and comparison shopping have the potential to unbalance the retail hierarchy in the District and have impacts upon other centres. A constant market approach to retail provision will be the most suitable for Yeovil and allow sufficient retail provision to be provided to serve the planned new housing growth in the town. The focus for new retail development should be on the plans to extend the Quedam Centre (although the Council’s resolution to approve its development subject to a detailed section 106 agreement being concluded renders a specific strategic allocation unnecessary). The existing allocation for improvements to the eastern side of the Town Centre should also be retained and the cattle market area should also be identified. There will be capacity for an additional 900sq m net of convenience floorspace by 2014, rising to 2,200sq m net by 2021 and 3,100sq m net by 2026. The extension of the Quedam Centre will soak up any significant short to medium term comparison capacity, although there will be longer term capacity of 10,000sq m net by 2026. The identified sites within and around the town centre identified above will be able to accommodate the short-term convenience need and short to medium term comparison floorspace need.