Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Chard Regeneration Framework

6.29 An autonomous planning exercise in the form of the Chard Regeneration Framework has been running whilst the Core Strategy evidence base has been under preparation and the ‘cluster workshops’ undertaken with local communities. The Chard Regeneration Framework is the result of many detailed discussions over a number of years about the challenges that face Chard and the regeneration opportunities that could be available. In January 2007 the District Council agreed the need to lead the development of a Chard Vision project that would allow the challenges to be met and the regeneration opportunities to be taken. Extensive negotiations with the South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA), Somerset County Council and Chard Town Council were concluded in October 2008. These established the Chard Regeneration Scheme.

6.30 The plans to transform and regenerate the town of Chard moved forward in early 2009, when it was announced that South Somerset District Council, the South West RDA, Somerset County Council and Chard Town Council had appointed LDA Design - a leading masterplan consultancy - to prepare long term place-making plans for the town that addressed the issues set out in the “Chard Regeneration Framework” brief for consultants.

6.31 As part of a master-planning process LDA Design produced the Chard Regeneration Plan (October 2009 - 1st draft) and have now concluded a final consultation draft.

6.32 The intention from the outset was to ensure that the main strategic aspects of the Framework would be taken forward through the Core Strategy to ensure the Core Strategy’s primacy and clarity for developers and public alike and ensure statutory underpinning of the main output from the Framework.

6.33 The Chard Regeneration Framework exercise has involved pro-active local engagement with key stakeholders and the local community and developers in the context of the South Somerset Sustainable Community Strategy and in particular the aims and objectives of that document.

6.34 The Vision, scale and location of growth, land use, nature of growth, phasing and planning obligation policies emerging from the Framework have all been incorporated as an integral part of this Core Strategy. This will receive wide spread public engagement and consultation and statutory underpinning as a consequence. The consultation process in relation to the Core Strategy (principle phasing elements) and the Chard Regeneration Framework is being co-ordinated to ensure consistency between the 2 plans and understanding by the public of the relationship between them.