Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Chard Vision

6.35 A Vision for Chard has been developed in conjunction with the local community and stakeholders through the Chard Regeneration Framework. The Chard Regeneration Framework presents a clear and concise Vision Statement:

“Make it in Chard’ was promoted as an idea encapsulating the possibilities of simply making your life in the town, or as an exhortation to businesses to invest and develop. Chard offers a combination of qualities that make it a unique and special place. As a self contained working community where more than 50% of people live and work in a wonderful environmental setting, the town has everything needed for everyday life. Its' local economy makes the best use of local produce and resources. Growth of the town will provide new housing and jobs and provide the investment needed to make it an even better place to live. The town will compete internationally and develop its strong tradition of innovation to build businesses that provide stable, skilled and well paid jobs. Chard will be successful because of what it does, and what it makes – you can ‘make it in Chard’. Over time the town will come to be seen as a place of invention, craft and manufacture – from the agricultural produce sold in the town’s market to high value added technological products.”

6.36  Underlying this Vision Statement are 3 key aims:

  • Aim 1: Chard should build on its long tradition of innovation and manufacturing excellence to develop and attract businesses associated with products and services of the highest quality that offer well paid, skilled jobs.
  • Aim 2: Regeneration and investment should strengthen the community and make the town increasingly self sufficient with all the services, facilities and events necessary to make it a great place to live.
  • Aim 3: Chard should develop and enhance its urban environment so that it has a quality that is comparable to its stunning natural setting and rich cultural heritage.

6.37 Behind each of these aims the Regeneration Framework presents, in more detail, specific objectives and aspirations to help achieve them and these are available to view in the Framework document.