Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Existing Outdoor Sports, Play and Youth Provision

11.43 PPG17 provides a safeguard to ensure that existing playing pitches are protected from inappropriate future development and existing Saved Local Plan Policy CR1 sets out the criteria against which any proposals which would result in loss of playing fields should be considered. The supporting text to Saved Local Plan Policy EH10 identifies “no development areas” which includes areas for both informal and formal recreation but there is no explicit protection within the Saved Policy for existing equipped play areas or youth facilities.

11.44 An additional policy for protection of such areas is considered necessary. This would cover the following forms of play provision as identified by Fields in Trust, formerly the National Playing Fields Association:-

  • LAPs - Local Areas for Play
  • LEAPs - Locally Equipped Areas for Play
  • NEAPs - Neighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play
  • MUGA’s – Multi Use Games Areas
  • ‘Destination playgrounds’[1]
  • Youth facilities, including skate parks, hard surfaced courts, areas for ball play (including multi use games areas – MUGAs, rebound walls, basketball courts), skate parks, BMX tracks and youth shelters.

11.45 There may however, be instances where there is a proven oversupply of equipped play areas and youth facilities, or where they are not appropriately located, that it is desirable to remove the facilities and not relocate them.

Policy HW4 Protection of Play Spaces and Youth Provision

Development which would result in the loss of equipped play areas and youth facilities will only be permitted where:

  • Current provision can be retained and enhanced by partial development of the site
  • Alternative provision of equivalent community benefit of a similar nature is made available locally within the same catchment.
1. Destination playgrounds is defined by Fields in Trust as a play space within a key site aimed at attracting family and similar groups for longer visits (Para 6.2.15 Planning and Design for Outdoor Sport and Play – Fields in Trust 2008) [back]