Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Purpose of the Core Strategy

1.4 South Somerset is already set to see significant change through the development of land within and on the peripheries of its larger towns, in particular Yeovil, through the implementation of the 'saved' policies and proposals for development of the adopted South Somerset Local Plan 1991-2011. This development will help to meet the needs up to the year 2011, but greater change and levels of development will be needed to accommodate the needs of the community up to the year 2026. The Core Strategy provides the overarching approach for development in South Somerset. It sets out a long-term spatial vision, strategic objectives and policies to guide public and private sector investment up to 2026. The Core Strategy includes Development Management policies, which will be used along with national planning policies to assess individual planning applications more specifically. The section on implementation and monitoring shows how the Core Strategy will be delivered and monitored in practice and how development will be phased to address infrastructure constraints.

1.5 The Core Strategy delivers the spatial elements of the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS)[1]. It has been set out to reflect the 5 Themes[2] in the SCS and within each section linkages with the SCS are identified. The SCS has been produced by the Local Strategic Partnership and is a statement of the local communities' aspirations, objectives and plans, which the LDF should deliver where relevant through its spatial policies and proposals.

1. Shaping South Somerset, A Strategy for Sustainable Communities 2008-2026 [back]
2. The SCS themes are Wellbeing; Environmentally sensitive; Thriving economy; Well run, well served & well connected; Well designed & well built. [back]

Figure 1 - Core Strategy Progress