Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Greenfield Development

5.13 The importance of protecting the countryside for its own sake indicates that the provision of 4,481 dwellings should be taken forward as the appropriate level of development within the urban area of Yeovil. The requirement for 16,600 dwellings overall for South Somerset to meet economic aspirations, together with the local aspirations in the Market Towns and Rural Centres and elsewhere for 8,400 dwellings means that a greenfield requirement of 3,719 dwellings is to be sought adjacent to Yeovil. Evidence indicates that such a scale of growth can be accommodated.

5.14 The overall provision of 16,600 dwellings for South Somerset has been Sustainability Appraised and is considered appropriate. Figures for the Market Towns and Rural Centres have also been appraised.

5.15 The policy principle to protect greenfield land means that a Sustainability Appraisal of the figure for urban land is not appropriate and the resultant 3,719 figure for the greenfield eco-town extension is the residual requirement to meet economic aspirations.[1] The evidence behind these economic aspirations is being revised in light of the changing figures to ensure that it retains credibility given its importance in determining overall employment and housing provision levels.

5.16 To comply with the Government’s localism agenda the appropriateness of these figures in the policy below and potentially higher or lower alternative are a question that this document is seeking to elicit from direct community and stakeholder response.

Policy YV1 Brownfield and Greenfield Housing Provision for Yeovil
Within the overall provision of 8,200 dwellings for Yeovil 4,481 dwellings are to be located within the Urban Framework of the town and 3,719 in an adjacent Greenfield location.
1. Somerset County Council, ONS Population Projections, Baker Associates [back]