Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

6.80 Crewkerne is identified in the South Somerset Role and Function Study – Final Report April 2009 as having a key role in the provision of shopping, cultural, education, health, leisure and financial services and as such is recommended for Market Town status. This classification is supported by representatives of the local community in the "Cluster workshops" held during the preparation of this draft Core Strategy. Identification under this policy will enable the settlement to grow, increase levels of self-containment and continue to provide services to meet the needs of the existing and surrounding communities.

6.81 In line with this status, it is recommended that a total of 1028 dwellings be provided over the plan period. These include 525 on the ‘CLR’ site to the east of the town and 114 on the ‘Maiden Beech’ site to the south of the town. Both of these sites are Saved Local Plan allocations. Maiden Beech has now been granted planning consent and the 'CLR' site has a resolution to grant permission, subject to viability and environmental issues being agreed. Ongoing active negotiations to secure Section 106 Planning Obligations for the 'CLR' site are expected to be concluded successfully and enable development to be achieved. These sites are indicated on the proposals map.

6.82 The 928 dwellings committed provision and 100 dwellings already achieved will secure continued vitality and support for town centre retailing and town centre traffic relief and provide opportunities to manage traffic to the benefit of pedestrians and other town centre users. Additional affordable housing should be forthcoming together with improved access to the existing employment area at Blacknell Lane (also relieving the town centre of HGV traffic) and a replacement Primary School.

6.83 The outcome of the Employment Land Review for Crewkerne is summarised below.

To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 - 10.53 hectares
Gross Need - 6ha
Supply         - 10.83ha
Net Need     - 0ha

6.84 In Crewkerne, 6 hectares of land is sought to enable self-contained growth, this will be delivered through saved Local Plan allocation (KS/CREW/1), which provides 10.53 ha of land. Whilst there is sufficient supply in Crewkerne to cater for the identified employment land need, this should not prevent further land coming forward, especially in the short-term if the market requires and this can be delivered through the Development Management process.

6.85 The South Somerset Retail Study Update (2010) indicates that based on a constant market share for convenience shopping, Crewkerne is not expected to generate quantitative capacity for additional floorspace up to 2026. Having considered the qualitative aspects of provision, including the level of convenience floorspace which is now provided within Crewkerne, there is no overriding need to plan for an increased market share for the town in order to generate capacity for additional provision. Given the loss of comparison uses from the town centre over the past few years, there is a qualitative deficiency in current provision. There is capacity for 100sq m net of additional comparison goods floorspace by 2014, rising to 500sq m net by 2026 based on constant market shares. Consideration should also be given to the attractiveness of the existing units and whether they are the correct format for retailer requirements. Any additional provision can come forward under the Development Management process.