Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Local Aspirations

6.98 The Somerton Town Plan (2005) recognises a number of challenges that need to be resolved to enable Somerton to maintain its position as a prosperous rural centre. These include the:

  • loss/disuse of retail premises;
  • parking and traffic management in the town centre;
  • the lack of public transport;
  • the lack of facilities for children and teenagers;
  • sports facilities;
  • the lack of business refuse recycling facilities; and
  • inappropriate use of some buildings.

6.99 The Town and Parish Cluster Meeting workshops held as part of the preparation of this draft document raised further issues including:

  • a lack of open space, allotments;
  • a lack of railway station and routes for walkers and cyclists within the town;
  • pressure on the doctors surgery;
  • pressure on the drain/sewerage system; and
  • the loss of good quality agricultural land if development takes place to the west of Somerton.[1]
1. Further investigation has discovered that concerns relating to best and most versatile agricultural land being present immediately west of Somerton are not substantiated [back]