Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Local Aspirations

6.108 The Wincanton People’s Plan (2007)[1] provides a vision for the town over the period 2006-2026. The plan identifies six themes under each of which is an explicit goal to be achieved through the delivery of priority projects, some of which have already been completed. The themes and goals are set below:

Figure 14: Wincanton - Local Aspirations
Employment & business
Full employment, well paid jobs and thriving businesses
A wealth of interesting shops in a bustling High Street
Tourism & Leisure
A vibrant market town which is a hub for visitors
A healthy population with well resourced healthcare
An active, caring and inclusive population with facilities for all
Diverse housing to meet local needs, new build sympathetic to our heritage

6.109 Many of the goals seek to address the local issues identified above including enhancing Wincanton High Street in order to make it an attractive location with an enhanced shopping experience, using planning gain to expand health facilities as the town grows and ensuring that local housing and employment needs are met. These issues were also identified at the ‘Parish Cluster Meetings’ held by the Council as part of the preparation of this draft document.

1. Wincanton People's Plan 2006-2026, The Wincanton People's Plan Steering Group, 2007 [back]