Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

6.110 The identification of Wincanton as a Market Town will allow the settlement to grow, increase levels of self-containment and continue to provide and enhance services to meet the needs of the existing and future population. This, in turn, will present opportunities for growth and will help to deliver the Vision to 2026. The justification for Wincanton’s status as a Market Town is set out in the Settlement Strategy and the Key Diagram illustrates its status.

6.111 The Vision for Wincanton should be supported by the delivery of approximately 1053 dwellings over the plan period (703 already committed and an additional 350 dwellings to be accommodated). A minimum of 1.5 hectares of employment land is also required to 2026. The delivery of this housing and employment will contribute to increasing self-containment and should be located to the west of the settlement as this is the area that has fewest constraints. This growth will help to deliver more affordable housing, provide employment opportunities and community benefit. The direction of growth is identified on the Proposal Map (relevant Inset) which also shows the alternatives considered. The accompanying Sustainability Appraisal document presents the detailed case on why the preferred direction is suggested.

6.112 The Employment Land Review (ELR) Stage 3 (2010) identifies that there is a need for an additional 7.29 hectares of employment land to be delivered through the Core Strategy to cater for the increased population growth and local identified business need. Existing supply (5.81ha) comes from either land already built (0.29ha), sites with existing planning permissions (2.37ha), allocated sites (0.90ha) or lapsed planning permissions (2.25ha), leaving a residual need for an additional 1.48ha of employment land in Wincanton. 

To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 -  1.5 hectares
Gross Need - 7.29ha
Supply         - 5.81ha
Net Need     - 1.48ha

6.113 The Core Strategy will need to deliver in addition to existing supply at least 1.5 hectares of additional employment land in and around Wincanton. This will ensure that the minimum land required to meet need is delivered. This is not a strategic issue and land should be adequately delivered through the Development Management process.

6.114 The South Somerset Retail Study Update (2010) indicates that there is capacity for 1050 sq m net of additional convenience goods floorspace by 2014 in Wincanton town centre, rising to 1,650 sq m net by 2026.  In order to achieve the goal of having a wealth of shops in a bustling High Street it will be important to retain and build upon existing retail provision and ensure that the quantitative expenditure which does exist is directed towards the town centre given the current bias in provision towards out-of-centre locations, although the re-occupation of the Cooper's store with the Co-operative foodstore should assist in boosting the town centre retail function.

6.115 There is also potential to improve the level and type of comparison retail provision in Wincanton, both qualitatively and quantitatively.  There is capacity for 710 sq m net of comparison goods floorspace by 2026, although given the role of the centre, its catchment area and the level of retailer requirements, such improvements are likely to be modest.