Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

7.20 Identification of Ilchester as a Rural Centre will enable the settlement to expand its identified role by allowing for additional growth to encourage greater self-containment and provide support for existing services. The good employment base is also an advantage indicating that additional population can be supported.

7.21 New development in Ilchester has been extremely restricted over the last 15 years due to the presence of the noise contours, particularly in light of the stationing of Harrier jets at RNAS Yeovilton. Whilst these aircraft are no longer stationed here the Naval Base remains fully operational and noise contours remain in place for the protection of the residents. These noise contours have now been reviewed and indicate a “shrinkage” of the noise contours from those of 1998. This in turn means that it might now be possible to locate housing and other development within the urban framework of the town and closer to the town centre facilities such that non-car modes of accessing the town centre are more realistic and retention of any additional expenditure within the town centre thus more likely. It is therefore proposed that 150 additional dwellings be allocated to support Ilchester’s role as a Rural Centre to 2026 but it would be prudent to await the outcome of the Strategic Defence Review which will establish the role of RNAS Yeovilton in operational terms ( and thereby confirming or otherwise the relevance of the new noise contour information).

7.22 Although new noise contours are likely to result, it is imperative that any further dwellings which are built be constructed to the highest levels of noise protection so as not to constrain the bases’ future operational flexibility and provide appropriate living environment for new residents. There are opportunities for development away from the flood risk areas in locations which the landscape character appraisal indicates could accommodate more housing providing the new noise contours are confirmed.

7.23 With an already strong employment role at the air base there is considered to be no need to allocate large amounts of additional employment land to support the proposed housing.

To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 - 1 hectare
Gross Need - 1.04ha
Supply         - 0.44ha
Net Need     - 0.6ha

7.24 Away from the Air Base there is very little supply of employment land in the town itself. To cater for the increased population and to promote self-contained growth an additional 1 hectare of land is proposed in Ilchester. This level of growth is not a strategic issue and any land should be adequately delivered through the Development Management process.

7.25 Whilst having a long-term aspiration to consolidate the split school site into one, Somerset County Council advises that a new site would not necessarily be required to support the additional housing growth.