Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

7.33 In order to allow Langport / Huish Episcopi appropriate development to fulfil its role as a Rural Centre within the constraints highlighted above, it is recommended that 118 dwellings are built in the settlement over the period 2006-26, in addition to the 182 dwellings already committed. In order to ensure a balance of homes and employment, this level of housing growth would create the need for approximately 270 jobs and require around 1.5 ha of employment land in the ‘B’ Use Classes.[1] Opportunities for this provision are relatively limited due to the constraints to development at Langport / Huish Episcopi, however alongside development at nearby Somerton, the needs of the wider rural north of the District could be met.

Langport & Huish Episcopi
To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 – 1.5 hectares
Gross Need - 2.02ha
Supply         - 0.69ha
Net Need     - 1.33ha

7.34 There is very little supply of employment land in the town, the majority of the supply has already been built (0.44 hectares), therefore to cater for the expected need generated from increased population growth and to promote self-contained growth, an additional 1.5 ha of land is proposed in Langport. This is not a strategic issue and any land should be adequately delivered through the Development Management process.

7.35 The ability to significantly increase the amount of comparison goods floorspace for Langport will be constrained by its size, natural catchment area and level of commercial market interest. For convenience retailing there is no need for additional provision in Langport given the existing Tesco store. However, like the comparison retail sector, the natural catchment and expenditure capacity of Langport will limit the potential for large-scale additional provision and there will also be concerns over the impact on existing provision. Therefore, for both convenience and comparison retailing, a general strategic approach for Langport is recommended which acknowledges the aspiration to retain shopping trips within the town and support proposals that increase retention via the promotion of realistic proposals.

7.36 The constraints on development close to the town centre suggest a more limited amount of development here than in nearby Somerton. It is recognised that there is a functional relationship between the two settlements with employment, secondary school and social interconnections. Greater growth is proposed at Somerton to reflect the lesser constraints at that town.

1. B1, B2, B8 of the Use Classes Order 1987, as amended; these relate to light industry, general industry and warehousing/distribution [back]