Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

7.42 Identification of Martock as a Rural Centre will enable the settlement to grow and expand its identified role by allowing for modest housing growth which will encourage greater self containment and support for local services. An additional 150 dwellings in addition to existing commitments (96 dwellings) is proposed to be developed to 2026. Impact on the B3165 through Martock and concerns re out commuting act as constraints to provision and total levels of provision reflect these issues.

7.43 There is no specific requirement for any additional employment provision in pure quantitative terms as demonstrated below:-

To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 - 1 hectare
Gross Need - 1.49ha
Supply - 2.14ha
Net Need – 0.65ha

7.44 Martock has a supply of 2.14 hectares of employment land, 1.17 ha coming from saved Local Plan allocation ME/MART/2, Land West of Ringwell Hill. The net need is for 0.65ha of land. The Parish Council is seeking additional employment land to cater for the settlement over the life of the Core Strategy and to promote self-contained growth. On this basis it is suggested that 1 hectare of additional employment land be delivered through the Core Strategy. As this is not strategically significant it should be delivered through the Development Management process so providing a flexible and early response to the provision.