Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

7.58 Identification of South Petherton as a Rural Centre will enable the settlement to maintain its identified role by allowing for additional modest employment growth and the existing committed level of housing growth which will encourage greater self containment.

7.59 In terms of housing growth the settlement could take a level of growth of about 150 dwellings within the plan period which would assist in supporting existing services. The proximity of the settlement to the Hayes End junction on the A303 would put an unacceptable constraint on this junction if a higher level of housing were proposed.[1] The poor internal road layout within the town is another justification for constraining housing growth. The "Cluster workshop" with Town and Parish Councils held in preparing this draft Core Strategy agreed this level of growth as appropriate however, as 145 dwellings have already been committed in the settlement in the plan period there is no intention to seek a further provision of dwellings.

7.60 To enable the settlement to grow and continue it’s identified role, 1.0 ha of employment land are required to be developed to balance the 145 dwellings already committed within the plan period.

South Petherton
To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 - 1 hectare
Gross Need - 0.77ha
Supply         - 0ha
Net Need     - 0.77ha

7.61 The Core Strategy should deliver at least 1 hectare of additional employment land in and around South Petherton to ensure that the minimum land required to meet need is delivered. This is not a strategic issue and any land should be adequately delivered through the Development Management process.

7.62 Recent planning approvals have given consent for further employment development at the main employment centre at Lopen Head Nurseries, which will provide sufficient development to meet the projected strategic requirements for the plan period.

1. Highways Agency discussions, 29 March 2010 [back]