Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

What will the Core Strategy Deliver?

7.66 Identification of Stoke sub Hamdon as a Rural Centre will enable the settlement to maintain its identified role and support for local services by allowing for additional housing and employment growth. The settlement is, however, constrained by the existing road through the village but there is a need to provide some housing, particularly to meet affordable housing needs in the village. Growth of a modest amount of housing and employment to assist with self containment and meeting the settlements specific housing needs is therefore proposed.

7.67 To enable the settlement to maintain its’ identified role, a further 50 additional dwellings are proposed, with 5 already committed to meet need to 2026. 

7.68 It is proposed that a further 0.5ha of employment land be delivered to promote self-contained growth and cater for the additional proposed housing growth of 55 dwellings. This can be delivered through the development management process so providing a flexible and early response to provision.

Stoke sub Hamdon
To be delivered through the Core Strategy 2006-2026 - 0.5 hectare
Gross Need - 0.34ha
Supply         - 0ha
Net Need     - 0.34ha

7.69 Other services and community provision can be delivered where appropriate through the Development Management Process.