Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Empty Properties

8.44 Bringing empty properties back into use can make a contribution to the housing stock within South Somerset. The Council provides grant aid to bring empty properties back into occupational use, particularly in town centre locations, including flats over shops. Empty property grants are designed to assist in market town and town centre regeneration by bringing people back to live in properties which are currently empty. Any (potential) private sector landlord can apply. Grants of up to £11,000 are available from the District Council[1] where there is a clear demonstrable need for accommodation. If a property is empty it is exempt from council tax for 6 months thereafter the owner must pay 90% of the council tax bill. Within town centres bringing such homes back into use can assist in delivering an active night time economy through establishing a residential element within the area.

1. Housing Standards Team [back]