Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)


9.22 Station Road and land adjacent to Powrmatic, Hort Bridge (Saved Local Plan allocations ME/ILMI/4 and ME/ILMI/5) are both retained from the Local Plan allocations. These two sites were originally part of three employment land allocations in the South Somerset Local Plan, which together amounted to 21ha of land. Together they were a strategically important opportunity to secure major investment into the District and whilst the other site, saved proposal ME/ILMI/3, has planning permission, the remaining sites have yet to come forward. There is a recent planning resolution to approve mixed employment use on ME/ILMI/4 subject to the conclusion of a Section 106 agreement. It is important that this site and ME/ILMI/5 be retained to deliver the strategic employment land envisaged in the previous Local Plan. Whilst there has been local concern over flooding, the revision of Flood Zone 3B does not encroach either site and so the delivery of employment land should not be affected. The strategic employment sites are shown on the Proposals Map (relevant inset maps).