Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

Yeovil Urban Extension

9.23 In addition to the saved sites a new strategic location for development is proposed at the Yeovil Urban Extension to the south of Yeovil and adjacent to the urban edge. A policy proposing employment provision associated with this proposal is set out in the Yeovil section of this document (Policy YV2 Yeovil Urban Extension). A major allocation for housing and employment and associated land uses for Chard is also proposed and presented in the Chard section of the document (Policy CV1 Chard Growth Area).

9.24 There are other saved sites from the South Somerset Local Plan which are not considered of strategic importance although they will provide important employment locally.

Policy EP1 Strategic Employment Sites
The following employment allocations are strategically significant and will be safeguarded for employment use:
  • Land at Lufton (Saved Local Plan Allocation KS/BRYM/1);
  • Land off Bunford Lane (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/WECO/1);
  • CLR Site, Crewkerne (Saved Local Plan Allocation KS/CREW/1);
  • Land west of Horlicks Ltd, Hort Bridge, Ilminster (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/ILMI/3);
  • Land off Station Road, Ilminster (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/ILMI/4);
  • Land adjacent to Powrmatic, Hort Bridge, Ilminster (Saved Local Plan Allocation ME/ILMI/5).