Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options)

On or Off Site Provision and Contributions

11.18 If the new development has been proven to increase local needs, the provision of open space, outdoor playing space and sports, cultural and community facilities may be required on-site or may form part of a contribution towards off-site provision of either new or improved facilities. The requirement for an off-site contribution, may arise because of the following:

  • The size, layout and topography of the development;
  • Because there may be other opportunities within the appropriate distance of the site which could better meet the needs of the development; and
  • The contribution is towards strategic facilities, which, by their nature cannot be provided within the appropriate distance threshold of every development and have a large effective catchment area and high distance threshold

11.19 The Council will normally expect the Parish or Town Council, or appropriate voluntary body to be involved in any discussions if they are the landowners of the proposed open space or facility.

11.20 PPG17 advises that in principle, planning authorities will be justified in seeking either on-site provision or contributions towards off-site provision, for the full range of open spaces or sport and recreation facilities for which they have standards.[1]

11.21 Where development meets a required threshold so that an open space requirement such as a playing field is needed, the Council will seek early discussion with developers and local councils to consider how best to provide the facility in question. This could include provision on-site or off-site where there are appropriate opportunities for amalgamating facilities to provide all round better facilities for the whole community. Any such off site provision must be accessible and beneficial to the residents of the new development in question.

11.22 Within the categories of open space, outdoor playing space and sports, cultural and community facilities covered by the Council’s emerging PPG17 Assessments and Green Spaces Strategy, there is a mixture of local provision and strategic facilities. These all have adopted accessibility standards, which identify the catchment areas of each type of provision. PPG17 identifies that residents in rural areas cannot realistically expect to have the same level of access to the full range of different types of open spaces and sport and recreation facilities normally available in more densely populated urban areas. This means that residents of rural areas usually have to travel further than most urban residents to some forms of provision.

11.23 Where the Council’s PPG17 assessments identify deficiencies in provision of strategic facilities, off-site contributions may be requested in accordance with the catchments and distance thresholds of each facility type and the strategic priorities identified in the assessments.

11.24 Where off site contributions towards facilities are required, this will usually be implemented through a Section 106 Agreement between the Council and the developer.

1. PPG17 – Assessing Needs and Opportunities A Companion Guide, CLG, 2002 Para 9.11. [back]