Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Document Section Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) Spatial Portrait of South Somerset Transport and Accessibility Transport and Accessibility [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 02 Dec 2010
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a)The A303 is only duelled as far as Sparkford roundabout This causes congested on the hill on the South side. Further traffic problems on the Ilminster by pass and the A358 to Taunton
B) The A358 from Ilmister roundabout to Chard can not take the large lorry's . Further the junction by Forus is on a blind junction and should have traffic lights. Already too many accidents on this stretch of road. Also by the George in Donyet.
C) Ilminster does not have a direct bus service to Yeovil. (Berrys is long distance and only runs twice a day )
D)Iminster is mainly a dormitory town for Taunton. The A358 from Ilminster to Taunton is very much over loaded. Particular with lorrys, commuters, holiday traffic and emergency vehicles taking the link from the A303 to the M5. Having been rebuild twice in 19 years. And now requires further repairs This road should be rebuild a duel carriage way with stronger foundations to take the heavy loads.
E)Taunton being only 12 miles away with many workers would like to bike there we should have a good cycle track for this route or bring back the railway.
F) Ilminster it self is aTransport night mare. The town being designed for the coach and horse. At present all roads lead to Tesco . Canal way having cars parked on both sides becomes accident prone when passing these parked cars.