Draft Core Strategy (incorporating Preferred Options) October 2010

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Response Date 30 Nov 2010
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5.22 ...The northern options are also located furthest from existing community facilities within the town centre and there are few opportunities to improve town centre connectivity via walking or cycling or encourage a healthy lifestyle through use of non car borne modes.

Whilst the aspirations to encourage less use of vehicles are laudable, the experience of purpose built developments (such as in Milton Keynes) is that relatively little use of walking or cycling modes for either work or shopping or town centre entertainment is made. Some use is made for exercise/leisure purposes but these facilities need not be necessarily located immediately within residential areas. For work, the need to maintain dress standards in inclement weather and the carriage of work-related material to/from home is frequently a justification. For daytime and evening town centre activities, weather considerations and carriage of purchased goods is also a significant factor. A convenient, efficient and economic public transport system would have a more significant effect - although still not fully effective in significantly reducing car use. This parameter is thus largely irrelevant in considering northern versus southern options.

5.23 These options (to the North) would also have little benefit to existing education deficit in secondary education in the south of the town and be least accessible to the towns' existing employment centres in the south, east and west.

The Core Strategy is self contradictory, as it says in 4.69: Most importantly, planning obligations should be directly relevant to the proposed development and should not be used to make good existing deficiencies.

5.23 ....These locations (North) were considered least likely to achieve benefits from passive solar gain or promote energy efficiency.

It is unclear what the Council means by this statement. Genuine 'passive' solar gain (i.e. solar radiation directly into a building) is slightly more effective on a south facing slope (but not necessarily to the south of Yeovil). However, this meets only a small part of the energy requirement. More is gained from 'more active' devices such a solar panels. The change in incidence angle of the sun is insignificant in moving from the south of Yeovil to the north. Provided that solar energy sources are mounted at the same angle (e.g. on the roof), and that the property is not surrounded by extremely high terrain, there is little difference.