Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028): Main Modifications - August 2014

6. Next Steps

6.1. The further MMs will be subject to formal consultation for a period of six weeks between 28 August and 10 October 2014.

6.2. Comments will be invited from those consultees on the Council’s database. These comments will be considered and used to determine the final further MMs to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

6.3. On receiving the further MMs and consultation responses the Inspector will consider whether any further Examination Hearing Sessions are required. If hearing sessions are required, these will be programmed for later in 2014.

6.4. If no additional hearing sessions are required, the Inspector will draft his ‘Inspector’s Report’. The Examination into the Local Plan remains open whilst the Inspector is writing the report. In drafting the report, the Inspector will concentrate on:

  • Reaching clear conclusions, backed by reasoned judgements, on the compliance requirements within the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004) and Localism Act (2011); including the Duty to Co-operate, the regulations, and meeting the requirements of soundness; and
  • Setting out (where requested to do so by the LPA) precise main modifications to the policies or supporting text that are required to overcome any correctable aspect of unsoundness/legal non-compliance identified by the Inspector.

6.5. The Inspector will only make recommendations on the Main Modifications proposed by the Council that are necessary to make the Plan sound and legally compliant.

6.6. On receipt of the Inspector’s Report the Council will make the necessary changes to the Local Plan and move towards adoption. The Council will need to have the final version of the Local Plan signed off by a full meeting of the Council. On adopting the Local Plan, the Council will make publicly available a copy of the plan, an adoption statement and Sustainability Appraisal in line with regulations 26 and 35 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.