Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028): Main Modifications - August 2014

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Response Date 10 Oct 2014


The following summarises my objection to the proposed Main Modification 9 to the Proposed Local Plan.


Policy YV2 – Main modification 9


Notwithstanding I maintain my objections to YV2 and say that all reference to both SUEs should rightly be deleted, I object to the inconsistency of approach now proposed for the two SUEs. The case for strategic mitigation of landscape impact is equally valid for the proposed South SUE as for the North East SUE.

The proposed development at Keyford will cause severe visual impact when viewed from the south, south west, west, and from the north and west at the fringe of the built form of Yeovil in the Wraxhill area and from the Gunville area of East Coker.

Proposed development along the north east and western edges of the site, are on high ridges and will be highly visible on the skyline even if the built form is restricted to single storey.

Viewed from the south, south west and west the Keyford site will extend the current urban sprawl to be visible from the Dorset AONB and A37 Dorchester Road, and the internationally important and nationally listed heritage sites and conservation area and rights of way vantage points of East Coker parish.


Action required:


MM 9 to be amended to add to Page 76: Policy YV2, under “The south area”,


·       Structural landscaping to ensure that mitigation addresses the:

o Dominance of built form and potential intrusion of development, including by light pollution, particularly as viewed from properties to the south, west and south west (including, inter alia, the Grade listed heritage assets at Darvole Farm, Coker Court, and St Michael’s church);

o   Potential for visual intrusion arising from development as viewed from the A37 Dorchester Road to the south, and the Dorset AONB;

o   Potential for visual intrusion arising from massing on the skyline when viewed from the north and west