Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028): Main Modifications - August 2014

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Document Section Main Modifications Policy YV2: North East Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension (no name) View all on this section
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Response Date 10 Oct 2014

Response Type: OBJECT


I maintain my objection to the proposed development of 800 dwellings at the South Yeovil Urban Extension within the parish of East Coker, entirely on Grade 1 agricultural land.


Notwithstanding my fundamental objection above, I object to the proposed MM 9 because it takes no account of the need for structural landscaping to mitigate the visual impact of the proposed South Yeovil Urban Extension on the surrounding area.


Proposed development along the north east edge of the Keyford site, adjacent East Coker Road, is on a high ridge and will be highly visible on the skyline even if the built form is restricted to single storey properties.

Landscaping measures will be needed to mitigate the impact of the Keyford site when viewed from the south where the development will extend the perceived boundary of Yeovil urban sprawl to be visible from the Dorset AONB and A37 Dorchester Road.

The Keyford development will have high visual impact when viewed from the south west including key receptors at, inter alia, Coker Moor, Isles Lane, the Monarch’s Way, Coker Court and its historic parkland, St Michael’s church and churchyard, and the East Coker Conservation Area.

MM 9 is unbalanced in its aim to provide mitigation against the visual impact of only the proposed North East Yeovil SUE. The proposed Modification should be amended to provide equivalent protection for the South Yeovil SUE.


Policy YV2 must mandate landscaping to reduce or eliminate visual impact caused by the proposed Keyford development when viewed from the south, south west, and from the north east at the fringe of the built form of Yeovil in the Wraxhill area and from the Gunville area of East Coker.