Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan (2006 - 2028): Main Modifications - August 2014

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Document Section Main Modifications Policy YV2: North East Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension (no name) View all on this section
Respondent Barbara Bird View all by this respondent
Response Date 10 Oct 2014

Excessive encroachment into the fragile strip of open countryside between Yeovil on the one hand and Over Compton, Trent and Up Mudford on the other, to which must be added the adverse visual impact on these villages of the 'pig ugly' - quote, last Housing Minster, N Boles - sprawl along Lyde Road - NPPF 126 & 129.

The project also totally conflicts with the Mudford Neighbourhood Plan which has almost complete community support, thus contravening Government Policy on Localism.

The area designated for this proposed development should instead be used to establish a community wood to mitigate the adverse visual impact effects of built sprawl and to provide benefit for the large urban community to the south - NPPF 92.

The strength of community feeling on this issue can only be fully expressed in face to face meeting.