Historic Environment Strategy

South Somerset District Council has a statutory duty to conserve and enhance the historic environment. The Council recognises that the historic environment in South Somerset is one of our most important resources, and is part of what makes South Somerset unique and treasured.

The breadth of heritage and historic assets in the district represents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is how best to provide appropriate protection to the large number of different designated assets, ensuring there are secured for the long term; the opportunity is to maximise the contribution these assets make to the economic, cultural and social make-up of South Somerset.

The Council has consistently been a champion for the historic environment, and has established a policy framework through which to conserve and enhance assets. The Council has adopted strategic policies to deliver on its obligations and these are formalised in the South Somerset Local Plan (2006 – 2028).

On a day-to-day basis, decision-taking on applications for development that could affect assets are determined on the basis of these strategic policies, in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Council’s statutory duties[1]. In addition, the Council has produced a series of guides, pamphlets, and guidance documents to advise residents and developers how best to ensure heritage assets are protected for future generations.

However, in the short to medium term the ability to continue to meet challenges and deliver on opportunities is set against a context of wholesale local government reform, and a much reduced Conservation, Heritage and Landscape capacity within the Council. Therefore, the relationship between the Council’s current resources and its statutory obligations is at the heart of this Historic Environment Strategy (HES).

Nevertheless, the Council is also committed to defining its approach to conserving and enhancing the historic environment in more detail. To achieve this, the Council has produced the HES.


[1] NPPF Paragraph 126

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