Local Plan Review Issues and Options Regulation 18

12 Health and Wellbeing

Current Approach

12.1 The role of the planning system in facilitating social interaction and creating healthy, inclusive communities is emphasised in the NPPF. The PPG also encourages the facilitation of good health and wellbeing, health infrastructure [1], and open space and sports pitches [2].

12.2 The Local Plan seeks to enhance, protect, and provide open space, outdoor playing space, and sports, cultural, and community facilities, which play a key role in enhancing the health and sense of well-being of the local community.

12.3 At the time of writing, the Council is currently preparing a Playing Pitch Strategy which will guide contributions for and the provision of playing pitches in the District.

1. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/health-and-wellbeing [back]
2. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/open-space-sports-and-recreation-facilities-public-rights-of-way-and-local-green-space [back]

Provision of Open Space, Outdoor Playing Space and Sports, Cultural and Community Facilities in New Development

12.4 Policy HW1 (Provision of Open Space, Outdoor Playing Space, Sports, Cultural and Community Facilities in New Development) addresses the provision of open space, outdoor playing space, sports, cultural, and community facilities in new development. It requires the provision of additional open space and other facilities, or contributions towards those facilities to be delivered as appropriate.

12.5 Since the adoption of the Local Plan, the Council has adopted the CIL [3]. The Regulation 123 List does not include specific sites to be improved or provided, so the contributions Policy can still function by seeking on site provision or site-specific contributions.

12.6 No issues with this Policy have been identified.

3. https://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/planning-policy/community-infrastructure-levy/ [back]

Sports Zone

12.7 It is the Council’s agenda to seek to significantly expand the provision of top quality sports and recreation facilities within Yeovil, through a ‘sports zone’ facility of at least 1.5ha, to help provide inclusive and participative leisure and sports to meet numerous health and welfare-based goals. Policy HW2 (Sports Zone) should assist in this aim.

12.8 The Council is currently reviewing its sports facility needs. Until this review has concluded it must be assumed that the Sports Zone remains a priority.

12.9 No issues have been identified with the Policy.

Protection of Play Spaces and Youth Provision

12.10 Policy HW3 (Protection of Play Spaces and Youth Provision) seeks to protect equipped play areas and youth facilities by permitting development to them, in full or in part, only if the facilities benefit as a result, if there is a proven oversupply, or if they were inappropriately located.

12.11 The Policy would appear to be appropriate to protect and/or enhance valued play spaces and youth provision, and is considered to accord with current national policy and guidance. Therefore, no issues have been identified.


Question 12.1

Are there any issues that have been missed from Section 12: Health and Wellbeing?