Local Plan Review Issues and Options Regulation 18

14 Implementation and Monitoring

Current Approach

14.1 Monitoring is necessary to check that the Plan is being successfully implemented and that the outcomes are as intended.

14.2 The Authority’s Monitoring Report (AMR) is the principal mechanism for monitoring the Local Plan. Monitoring indicators are in place for each strategic objective and policy to allow the progress of objectives and effectiveness of policies to be properly measured. Should any of the policies in the Local Plan be amended as part of this review process, it may also be necessary for the accompanying monitoring indicators to be updated.

14.3 The Housing White Paper (2017) consulted on a number of proposed amendments to local authority monitoring, to increase the quantity, quality, and consistency of monitoring information. Nevertheless, as the proposals are only in a consultation phase, they are not implementable. The Council must therefore continue to monitor in-line with its current practice until any new instructions are introduced.


Question 14.1

Are there any issues that have been missed from Section 14: Implementation and Monitoring?