South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 21 Aug 2019

A few points I would like to make re - The Review of the Local Plan:


Transition towards a more locally directed & sustainable plan for future development - I support the Council's view that it is the communities themselves who are best placed (albeit with guidance) to recognise their needs and direct the changes that are required to fulfil them. However, this is only practically possible if funds and other resources are made available to them from the government, especially locally sourced additional revenue such as S.106 Payments.


I think Ilchester (my local town) has a  lot of potential. However, despite the relatively large number of people living within the town, there are only a few shops, all sporadically positioned, and a rather muted community feel (Ilchester town hall does a good job but it is hard for them when there is so little 'passing trade') . One idea I would like to see considered is returning the town square to a proper market town square, hosting a regular weekend market, and opening cafes and shops that face onto the square. The small tarmac car park would need to be moved (enlarge the main car park instead?) and replace with a traditional flat stone floor, suitable for outside tables and chairs from near by cafes and pubs, as well as market stalls. A small band stand could be included to host events in the summer.  This would likely create a significant boost to the local economy, including council revenue, new local jobs, as well as a central meeting place for the community. Currently the garage (which acts as a post office/food shop/stationers/indian takeaway/petrol pump...) is the most social place we have.