South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 18 Sep 2019

The Bruton preferred option is unsuitable for development until the following is considered:

  • Please comment on the concrete drainage work installed under this field in the early 1990s.This was described at the time as important to manage the water run-off from the Priory Mead development. The Committee should consider the impact on existing housing of disruption to the infrastructure that already exists under this field. A previous development caused flooding to homes nearby in 2011. The promised additional drainage work was never completed. I would like reassurance regarding the risk to existing homes resulting from any proposed development.
  • The field in question floods and waterlogs regularly. The water source in the North East corner becomes more prominent after heavy rain. Please comment on how this will be managed.
  • After the flooding of homes nearby in 2011, following errors in the construction of the Cuckoo Hill Development, SSDC committed to additional flood prevention measures at the Public Meeting. The most visible work, on the main road was completed. The drainage ditch running the length of the Cuckoo Hill Development is yet to be completed. This will run into the field where the new development is proposed. Please comment on the additional risk this poses, and when SSDC will honour the previous commitment.
  • Vehicular access to the proposed site is profoundly impractical. Please come and see the roads in and out. Current parking in Eastfield means the main route to Frome or Bath from this development via Eastfield is already very narrow. The outline plan assumes 60 houses, i.e. 90 cars based on current planning assumptions. This is not practical even if double yellow lines were put outside the homes of the current residents. The alternative exit via Brue Avenue/Brewham Rd is equally you will see on inspection.
  • The majority of development in Bruton in the last 25 years has taken place in this part of the town. The field where development is proposed is now the only area within reach of the extensive development in this part of Bruton where the Air Ambulance is able to land. It has used this field at least 4 times in recent years. Please exercise the same duty of care for those living in this part of the town as applied to the areas of the town within reach of other landing sites. Separately, the Sheltered Housing in Eastfield and Brue Avenue could not be reached by an Air Ambulance crew if this field is developed.
  • I can't over-state the waterlogging issue in this field. A catch-all statement about ensuring water run-of is managed will not be adequate in this instance. Please take the concerns expressed about the safety of existing homes seriously. This area has already suffered flooding to homes as a result of an earlier poorly planned housing development. Continuing with this proposed development includes too much risk to existing homes.