South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Agent Claremont Planning Consultancy
Response Date 22 Aug 2019

Non-Strategic Considerations – BT2 Frome Road
The emerging Local Plan also proposes a second non-strategic housing allocation at Bruton
as Site BT2 – Housing Provision at Frome Road. Although S&R do not object to further
housing development at Bruton, the appropriateness of the site on Frome Road is questioned.
Part of the proposed allocation BT2 was previously granted planning permission for a new GP
surgery to meet the increased healthcare demands at Bruton, alongside the Cuckoo Hill
residential development. Allocation of this site for residential development nullifies the
previous consent 15/03363/OUT for a GP Surgery and the potential for the site to be used for
such purposes in the future.
Through pre-application discussions held with the LPA regarding the delivery of site BT1 has
identified there may still be a requirement for a new GP surgery for which land will be needed.
If this is the case it is inappropriate to suggest any allocation on the previously identified GP
Surgery site without demonstrating that such an infrastructure requirement is no longer
required. If such infrastructure is required than the allocation of the site BT2 has to
appropriately consider such a requirement and the suitability of delivering residential
development at this location in preference to a new GP surgery.