South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 30 Aug 2019

We write on behalf of our client Redcliffe Homes, who have an option to develop land at Wheathill Way, Milborne Port for housing. The site area extends to 1.55ha as outlined on the Landscape Constraints Plan at Appendix A. Preliminary master planning work and analysis suggests that the site has capacity to accommodate up to 40 dwellings.

1.2 It should also be noted that planning permission has now been granted for 65 homes at Station Road, Milborne Port (Ref: 17/03985/OUT (identified as Policy MP1 in the Preferred Options Draft Plan).

Land at Wheathill Way

3.1 Land at Wheathill Way has been the subject of a landscape and visual impact assessment and heritage impact assessment which demonstrates that the 1.6ha site has capacity to accommodate as scheme of up to 40 high quality market and affordable dwellings. The site lies adjacent to the main built up area of Milborne Port and comprises a parcel of grassland which gently slopes from west to east and lies on the south eastern edge of the town. It is not subject to any landscape or ecological designations with the only site-specific designation being a ‘mineral safeguarding area’ which applies to most of the hinterland around Milborne Port (Policy SMP9 of the adopted Somerset Minerals Plan). The site lies in flood risk zone 1 as defined on the Environment Agency’s Flood Maps and therefore flooding is not a constraint to development. Land to the south of the site is designated as an Historic Park and Garden that is associated with Ven House. The site is adjacent to the Milborne Port Conservation Area which covers the village centre.

3.2 Working with PAD design and informed by the Council’s Peripheral Landscape Study (2008) a landscape-led masterplan has been produced that will preserve and enhance this part of the edge of Milborne Port whilst respecting the wider historic context of the site. There is also an opportunity to look at provision of home offices as part of the overall housing mix for the application and all homes will have broadband which will further enable home working.

3.3 The site is highly deliverable and will complement both existing dwellings and other proposed housing schemes in the settlement. There are both economic benefits to the construction phase of development as well as supporting existing and proposed local and community services through the additional local spending power that these new dwellings would bring. A copy of the site location plan and indicative master plan is enclosed.

3.4 We request that the site is allocated in the Draft Plan for a scheme of up to 40 dwellings.

3.5 I would be grateful if you could acknowledge safe receipt of this representation.