South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 16 Sep 2019

Policy SP2:   This site has previously been promoted through earlier versions of the LPR on behalf of the landowner (see previous issues and options representations attached).  The landowner is fully supportive of the inclusion of land rear of Little Hays, South Petherton as a future housing allocation, as identified by Policy SP2.  The land remains available, suitable and deliverable for this purpose.



Land rear of Littlehayes, Whitehall South Petherton (ref. SOPE3) as illustrated by

Figures 1 and 2 attached (Map):

The land comprises Local Plan Review (Issues & Options) Consultation option 8.12

c (SOPE3), as identified attached (map2):

This land has previously been assessed as suitable, deliverable and available

housing land by the HELAA 2017 (ref. N/SOPE/001/10), which identifies a potential

yield of 11 No. houses. It remains immediately available.

South Petherton is identified by the Local Plan as a suitable and sustainable

location to accommodate new residential development in accordance with Policy

SS5. Whilst the minimum targets of Policy SS5 have been met, it remains an

appropriate location to accommodate the need for further development given its

sustainable location, function and obvious attraction to the market.

Prior to the adoption of a Site Allocations Development Plan Document, Policy SS5

advocates a permissive approach to sites adjacent to the development limits

where commensurate in scale and character. It is considered that Option 8.12(c)

SOPE3 should be taken forward as a future housing allocation for South Petherton

within the Local Plan Review for the following reasons:

The site occupies a sustainable location directly adjacent to the development

limits of South Petherton designated by the adopted Local Plan. It is within walking

distance of all village amenities (inter alia) retail, a post office, public house, infant

and primary schools, a medical centre, hospital and recreational facilities.

The site comprises a modest area of c.0.375 hectares of land surrounded by

existing residential development on three sides to the north, south and west. It

in an obvious infill site between Whitehall to the north and development on the

eastern side of Hayes End to the south.

The site is visually self-contained with minimal views possible from the public

domain. A modest housing development delivered at an appropriate density and

scale would not harm the settlement pattern or local landscape character.

Subject to an appropriate design, there would be no detrimental impact upon the

setting of Hayes End Manor a Grade II* listed building to the south. There is ample

screening on this boundary which could be retained as a buffer.

Vehicular access could be derived from Whitehall via the lane adjacent to the

eastern boundary. Alternatively, the property known as ‘Littlehayes’ is within the

same ownership (as outlined blue in Figure 1) and therefore provides other

options for access.

There are no obvious site constraints that could not be overcome.

In policy terms, the principle of the site’s use for residential purposes performs well

against current local plan policies SD1, SS1 and SS5. It is also compliant with policy

NE2 of the emerging South Petherton Neighbourhood Plan in that it is a small

plot contiguous with, and infilling a gap within, the existing development limits.

attached map - Fig. 4: Local Plan Proposals Map Extract Option 8.12(c) SOPE3 comprises suitable, available and viable housing land to

meet any residual housing need for South Petherton as identified by the adopted

Local Plan. The site is eminently suitable for inclusion as a housing allocation for

the village should the Council be looking to prepare a Site Allocations DPD in due

course, or include allocations within the LPR.

Option 8.12(c) SOPE3 should be taken forward as a future housing allocation for

South Petherton within the Local Plan Review. The site is suitable, available and

deliverable within years 0 – 5.