South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 17 Sep 2019

Bower Hinton

The proposed housing allocations for Martock/Bower Hinton account for 220 new dwellings which is in excess of the housing requirement of 210 for the settlement however, this is a minimum figure and should not preclude other suitable sites being allocated for development.

Our previous representations referred to the site at Ringwell Hill, Bower Hinton (see attached plan) which has not been included as an allocation for future housing development. As previously explained, positive pre-application discussions have been held with officers for the development of the land shaded in green and orange on the attached plan to provide 25 dwellings. This part of the site is located within the existing settlement boundary. It was agreed at the pre-application meeting on 15 August 2017that:

  • • the principle of the development of the site for housing is acceptable having regard to the Development Plan;
  • • further information which had been provided to show how the development of land on the slightly higher ground within the southern part of the site could be laid out to avoid a landscape impact was acceptable; and,
  • • benefits of the scheme include the redevelopment of previously developed land (PDL), housing delivery and facilitating employment development on land to the north, surface water drainage betterment and parking for existing residents.

It is anticipated that a planning application will be made towards the end of this year. Given the officer’s pre-app support for the proposed development and Summerfield’s commitment to deliver housing on the site, we consider that it would be appropriate for the site to be allocated for housing development. The site is considered to be favourable to the other options put forward in the LPR which are outside of the existing settlement boundary.