South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 18 Sep 2019

Bruton has always been favourable to expansion and growth and has seen several new developments over the last 30 or so years. The town accepts the need for growth in order for the community to continue to thrive, but expansion must be carefully managed and planned so as not to have an adverse affect on the area. Planning applications must respect the topography of the area and developers and their agents should ensure they familiarise themselves with the area and it’s infrastructure and should carefully consider feedback by the people who live in and know the area during consultation periods. Social and affordable housing are a priority in this area to enable young people to be able to live and work in the town and should be constructed as a priority in promised numbers to a good standard. Homes should be built in such a way that they are sustainable and features such as solar panels and other measures designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels are made a priority by developers. I am confident that South Somerset District Council will ensure that issues mentioned in residents’ and local organisations’ responses to the Local Plan are taken into consideration when formulating the next stages of the process and I look forward to seeing it take shape.