South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 16 Sep 2019

2.3 Milborne Port Infrastructure Section 8.66

Section 8.66 states “The infrastructure Delivery Plan does not indicate the need for any 'critical' infrastructure requirements to be provided in Milborne Port as a result of the proposed new development. It does, however, identify a number of 'necessary' infrastructure requirements, which generally relate to open space and sport facilities.”

The above does not reflect the views of residents raised in recent planning appeal hearings held in the Village, the findings of recent surveys conducted by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, or the recent comments of the Parish Council.

Specifically this section should raise the pressure on the village school and shortage of space for its expansion raised by the planning Inspector in recent Appeal PP/R3325/W/18/3198725.  In this the Inspector concludes “the Education Authority has advised that Milborne Port Primary School has no further opportunity to expand” and “As it stands, children from the proposed development would need to be bussed to schools in other settlements, with some of the contribution being spent on transportation costs. To my mind, this is the antithesis of good planning and would be harmful to quality of life and community cohesion”

The Milborne Port GP Surgery has had to accommodate many new patients from the neighbouring Surgery at Stallbridge closing. This has led to more pressure on GP services and longer wait times for appointments.

The survey of residents described in Section 2.2, identifies that few and dwindling amenities, and major concerns over the inadequacy of highways, are infrastructure concerns that require urgently addressing.

Conclusion: This section needs to be updated to accurately reflect the issues of congested and inadequate highways and the impact thereon of unfettered new development in recent years, falling amenities in the village, inadequacy of Primary education, and pressure on the GP Surgery.