South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 16 Sep 2019
  1. Sites identified in Milborne Port for Potential development

Of the two sites identified in the Preferred options paper (and underlying HELAA map) in Milborne Port, the site at Wheathill should be favoured to take forward, and the site at Court lane should be dismissed as unsustainable.

The site at Wheathill lane is contiguous to land that has recently been approved and found to be sustainable development. This site will be sufficient to meet all Milborne Ports Residual Housing requirement, after newly approved sites are taken into account (see comments in 2.5 above).

The site at Wheathill has identified accessibility issues at the junction of Wheathill and Station Road, that will need to be resolved satisfactorily prior to any new development starting at this site.

Further ‘windfall’ sites should not be considered in Milborne Port in the plan period, given the cumulative detrimental impact of the village having over delivered against its housing target in recent years (unlike other rural centres).

The Neighbourhood Plan should be given time to evolve and deliver the preference of residents, before any new decisions are made on development in the Village.

The site at Court lane is not a sustainable sight, and should be withdrawn for the reasons outlined in detail below: