South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Consultation (Regulation 18)

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Response Date 18 Sep 2019

Martock 9.1 LVA are promoting Land North of Coat Road, Martock, hereafter referred to as the ‘site’.

9.2 A plan showing the site outlined in red is shown below:

9.3 The 22.82-acre site is generally flat with road frontage onto Coat Road. There are no constraints that prohibit development of the site. It is absent of any significant landscape features, save for the raised embankments of the dismantled railway to the northern boundary, however mitigation can be incorporated into a Masterplan to prevent harm.

9.4 LVA are supportive of Martock’s continued identification as a Rural Centre (draft policy SS1).

9.5 Martock has a population of 4,188. The town is very sustainable, benefitting from a range of facilities and amenities, including: a church; school; Martock Business Park; public houses; post office; library; doctor’s surgery and a range of local shops.

9.6 We welcome the approach that allows Martock to expand in its role as a Rural Centre by allowing residential, retail and employment growth to encourage greater self-containment.

9.7 Part of the site is featured as a draft allocation under policy MB1 for ‘about 55 dwellings’, including 29% affordable housing, formal and informal play space and open space.

9.8 The draft allocation of the site is supported. The land in our control to the west of the allocation can be utilised as a landscape buffer, with a healthy provision of high quality open and play space. This meets the requirement to retain separation from Coat but with

Appendix 3 Martock South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016-2036 Preferred Options Representation Document

the added benefit of public open space.

9.9 This allows the allocation site to be developed out as built form and we point out that the site can deliver closer to 100 dwellings.

9.10 Further, we confirm that the site remains achievable and deliverable within 5 years.

9.11 The necessary improvements required to Coat Road such as widening, and the provision of footways, can be accommodated as part of a proposal.

9.12 We note that an application for 120 dwellings to the south of Coat Road was recently refused by the committee, despite also being a draft allocation in the Local Plan Review. Reason 2 of the refusal states that the development would increase out-commuting and was therefore not sustainable.

9.13 LVA are of the view this is not justified and fully support SSDC’s approach to continue with making residential allocations in the town. It is clearly stated in paragraph 8.47 that future employment supply in Martock is healthy.