Consultation Document

1 Introduction

1.1 The Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan 2006 – 2028 is currently the subject of Public Examination by an independent Planning Inspector.  Hearing sessions were held from 7th May to 18th June 2013 and the Inspector’s Preliminary Findings letter was received on 3rd July.

1.2 The Inspector identified further work required to secure a sound plan on the matters of Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension; Ilminster Direction of Growth and Policy SS3 Delivering New Employment Land. He also sought clarification of the Council’s position on a further three issues namely Policy SS5 Delivering New Housing growth; Wincanton – Housing growth and references to non-statutory documents.

1.3 The Council sought a suspension of the Examination to allow it to undertake the further work to address the Inspector’s Preliminary Findings and presented a detailed project plan.  The Inspector agreed to the suggested suspension. The Council endorsed the suspension and further work programme on 29th July 2013.

1.4 As a consequence of this further work Main Modifications are proposed that the Council consider will address the Inspector’s concerns and serve to deliver a sound Local Plan. These Proposed Main Modifications are:

  • Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension - remove reference in plan to 2,500 dwellings being required (within and post plan period), and use 1,565 dwellings as the identified greenfield housing need, as the basis for directions of growth for Yeovil.
  • Include second Sustainable Urban Extension site to the North East (Primrose Lane / Mudford).
  • Ilminster – deletion of Direction of Growth to South East of town (Shudrick Valley) and replacement with Direction of Growth to South West (Canal Way).
  • SS3 Delivering New Employment Land – amendments to the additional employment land provision required for Wincanton, the Local Market Towns, Rural Centres and Rural Settlements.
  • SS3 Delivering New Employment Land – introduction of interim guidance on how applications for growth in employment land is determined in Market Towns and Rural Centres prior to adoption of the proposed Site Allocations Development Plan Document (to follow adoption of this Local Plan) (whilst not raised as a concern by the Inspector it is a consequence of his concern expressed in relation to Policy SS5 Delivering new Housing Growth).
  • SS5 Delivering New Housing Growth – introduction of interim guidance on how applications for housing growth are determined in Market Towns and Rural Centres prior to adoption of the proposed Site Allocations Development Plan Document (to follow adoption of this Local Plan).
  • Wincanton Housing growth – provision for review of housing requirement in the event of early build out of current proposed provision.
  • A further proposed Main Modification has arisen from the publication of the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment Update 2013 which now provides revised pitch (and plots for Travelling Showpeople) requirements covering the period to 2028 (Policy HG7: Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople).
  • In addition to the above a minor modification is proposed to remove reference to non-statutory plans from Local Plan policies PMT2, HW1 and HG5.

1.5 These Proposed Main Modifications require in consequence a series of associated changes to policy wording, supporting text, and in some instances to proposals maps.

1.6 The Proposed Main Modifications, together with the consequent changes to text and where appropriate the proposals map are presented in this document for public consideration and comment in order for people’s views to be considered and to fully inform the Inspector in undertaking his examination and in drafting his formal report to the Council.  In each case the Proposed Main Modification is stated, the need for the Modification explained, the issues it addresses presented and the implications for Policy, supporting text and the proposals map of the Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan 2006 – 2028 set out in detail in tabular form. 

1.7 Each Proposed Main Modification has been the subject of Sustainability Appraisal, Habitat Regulation Assessment and Equality Analysis as required by statute and this work is presented in the following documents that are published and deposited alongside this Consultation Document:

  • Examination Suspension – Proposed Main Modifications Sustainability Appraisal;
  • Examination Suspension – Proposed Main Modifications Habitats Regulations Assessment;
  • Examination Suspension – Proposed Main Modifications Equality Analysis.

1.8 The new evidence compiled and considered in preparing these Proposed Main Modifications is set out in Background Reports and papers presented to the Project Management Board in Workshops 29 and 30 which are published at These specifically relate to:

  • Policies YV1 and YV2 Yeovil Sustainable Urban Extension;
  • Policy PMT3 Ilminster Direction of Growth;
  • SS3 Delivering New Employment Land (in relation to employment provision targets for Market Towns and Rural Centres);
  • Policy HG7 Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople.

1.9 The Consultation on this Document runs from 28 November 2013 and ends on 10 January 2014. There are three ways that you can submit comments:

Spatial Policy Team, Council Offices, Brympton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2HT.
If you have any queries please contact the Spatial Policy Team at the above address or by phone on 01935 462462 or email

1.10 Comments will be collated and the main issues summarised for the Examination Inspector’s consideration and the Inspector may choose to undertake resumed hearing sessions on the subject matter of the Proposed Main Modifications.  In the event that the Inspector agrees to the Proposed Main Modifications they are likely to be subject to a second and formal round of consultation.