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3 Soundness Issue 2: Policy PMT3 Ilminster Direction of Growth

Proposed Main Modification PMM3: Deletion of direction of growth to South East of town (Shudrick Valley) and replacement with direction of Growth to South West (Canal Way)

3.1 This Proposed Main Modification arises from paragraphs 54 and 55 of the Inspector's Preliminary Findings, 3 July 2013

Justification for Change:

3.2 During the Examination the Council sought to justify its Direction of Growth to the South East of Ilminster (Shudrick Lane) shown in the Proposed Submission Local Plan. The Inspector has indicated in his Preliminary Findings that the Council, in correcting for an error in the Sustainability Appraisal for the town, has said that Canal Way scores better than Shudrick Lane. He has concluded similarly and found that the Council’s Direction of Growth to the South East of town is unsound because it is not justified when considered against the reasonable alternative of Canal Way.

3.3 The Council has reviewed the evidence presented to the Examination Hearing Session and revised the Ilminster Direction of Growth Sustainability Appraisal (as presented in Appendix 6A and 7 of the Council’s Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report June 2012) in the light of valid objections made at Examination and new evidence made available to the Council (or pursued following consideration of objections). The revised appraisal, representations made at Examination and additional evidence has helped to inform the Council’s decision on what should be the preferred direction of growth for Ilminster.

Issue Summary:

3.4 The correction of two errors in the Sustainability Appraisal set out in the Council’s Sustainability Appraisal Report June 2012 and the Council’s pre Examination response to the Examination Inspector’s question 3 for the Ilminster Direction of Growth has led to revised SA of the options for growth around Ilminster. Of the arguments presented in Appendix 7 conclusion of the Council’s Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report June 2012) the adoption of CIL is now to be applicable to all proposals once adopted, the Ilminster Town Council’s support for the Shudrick Lane Option is not substantiated through consultation on the Proposed Submission South Somerset Local Plan and delivery of the overall housing provision is expected for both South East and South West options. The review of objectors’ comments at Examination, review of new evidence emerging and re appraisal and rescoring have led to a change of conclusion in relation to which Direction of Growth is most appropriate. The South West (Canal Way) Direction of Growth is now considered most appropriate. 

Implication for Policy, Supporting Text and Proposals Map:

3.5 The Policy PMT 3 Ilminster Direction of Growth, its supporting text and the Proposals Map Ilminster Inset map 7 are amended as shown below to clearly indicate the change in the proposed Direction of Growth for Ilminster. This is a Proposed Main Modification to the Local Plan. 

3.6 The Proposed Main Modification is presented in the table below (any new text is underlined and deleted text is shown as crossed through). For completeness and to allow the reader better understanding, the modifications include minor modifications agreed following submission of the South Somerset Proposed Submission Local Plan (blue text reflects minor modifications arising from Full Council on the 17th January 2013).

Proposed Main Modification
Policy PMT3: Ilminster Direction of Growth
The direction of strategic growth will be to the south east west, of the town. As part of any proposed development within the Direction of Growth, a road will be expected to be provided between Shudrick Lane and Townsend/Long Orchard Hill prior to its completion.
Issue 9 
Response to Inspector's Preliminary Findings
Direction of Growth
6.83 In order to accommodate the proposed level of residential development in Ilminster, a 'Direction of Growth' has been identified to the south east west of the town (see Proposals Map). The direction has been derived using evidence from the Sustainability Appraisal, Highway Capacity Assessment (2011), local consultation and an assessment of the potential deliverability of sites for development. It is anticipated that the majority of the residential requirement will be delivered within the 'Direction of Growth' as capacity within the existing urban area is limited.

6.84 There is a local aspiration for a road to be delivered as part of any residential development in the Direction of Growth. This would link Shudrick Lane and Townsend/Long Orchard Hill and offer an alternative route through the town centre, alleviating local concerns over town centre traffic. Developers will be expected to deliver this road (see Highways assessment for detailed information[123]).


6.85 The following delivery bodies will be key in implementing the proposed development at Ilminster:

  • South Somerset District Council;
  • Somerset County Council;
  • Town and Parish Councils;
  • Developers and Landowners.

Monitoring Indicators


Completed housing development in Ilminster

531 496 homes built in Ilminster between 2006 and 2028

Completed employment ('B' uses) floor space in Ilminster

23 ha of ‘B’ use employment land built made available in Ilminster between 2006 and 2028

Road between Shudrick Lane and Townsend/Long Orchard Hill

Prior to completion of development within the Direction of Growth

123. [Proposed Residential Development East of Shudrick Lane, Ilminster (October 2011)]
Inset Map 7
Inset Map 7
Annotate map with newly proposed direction of growth to the south west and mark current proposed Submission Plan Direction of Growth for deletion (see proposals map)
Map 2: PMM3 - Amended Direction of Growth for Ilminster