Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Photo of Ric Pallister, Leader of the Council
This Local Plan is designed to provide the vision and framework that will shape the future of South Somerset for decades to come.  Despite having a focus on the period between now and 2028 it tries to place the need to accommodate growth within the way we want the District to look and feel as a place to live in 100 years from now and beyond.  Bygone eras, particularly the Victorians, designed, laid out and built in a way that would endure and form the base of what today we value as the feel and look of South Somerset.  It is the core of our Hamstone villages and our distinctive Market towns that still represent the best of the built form of this District.  In the last 80 years we have not always done so well and demolition has often been the only answer.  We need to and can do better despite difficult economic times and the starting point has to be a sound Local Plan that is visionary but based on realism.  Within the bounds of what is reasonable and realistic we should not settle for second best.  Competing demands in relation to our Health, Homes, Jobs and the Environment all have to be balanced and at times there will be conflict as we try to ensure that we meet need in a way that is fair and broadly equitable to all our society, not just selected groups.  The Ministerial foreword to the National Planning Policy Framework states that Sustainable means “better lives for ourselves does not mean worse lives for future generations”.  This Plan seeks to endorse that statement for South Somerset. 
Ric Pallister
Leader of the Council
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This page is left blank intentionally.