Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

7 Rural Centres - Vision and Proposals

7.1 The Spatial Strategy identifies six Rural Centres based on the findings of the South Somerset Settlement Role and Function Study and other evidence. These are the settlements that act as focal points for the surrounding area for retail and community service provision, and in some cases have an employment role. To promote greater self-containment and stronger local communities, the strategy requires these places to accommodate some housing and employment growth. Community facilities and services, which better meet the needs of the settlement and its surrounding area, will be encouraged.

7.2 The six identified Rural Centres are: Bruton, Ilchester, Martock/Bower Hinton, Milborne Port, South Petherton and Stoke sub Hamdon. The key issues, local aspirations, challenges and indication of what the Local Plan will deliver for each settlement are discussed below.