Proposed Submission Local Plan 2006-2028

Stages so far

1.9 The Council published the Local Plan Issues and Options document in March 2008. Since its publication, gathering and updating of the Evidence Base has been ongoing and refinements made as a result of the consultation responses. There have been 'frontloading' exercises (early engagement) with the Town and Parish Councils and stakeholders. The Draft Core Strategy incorporating Preferred Options was published for consultation in October 2010 ending 3rd December. Following that the Council has reviewed the 950 responses with 2850 specific issues. These have then been considered by the Council’s LDF Project Management Board (PMB), delegated by the Council’s District Executive to oversee the plan process. The PMB has also considered the implications of the Localism Act, NPPF and other sundry policy statements and these have been taken into account in this document.

1.10 The Infrastructure Planning in South Somerset (IP) is published and available alongside this Proposed Submission Plan.

1.11 The emerging policies have been considered by the Council's 4 Area Committees, the District Executive Committee and Full Council. Figure 1: Local Plan Progress to date sets out the process that has taken place to reach this stage in the production of the Local Plan.

Figure 1: Local Plan Progress to date